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Cleaner Water Faster

Richmond, let's add up our efforts. Together, we can bring cleaner water faster to our City and create a healthier, more vibrant community.

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Brought to you by the RVA Clean Water Plan

Local artists will paint four drains in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom later this year. Chosen designs promote the goals of the City of Richmond’s RVA Clean Water Plan. The plan is a five-year roadmap for reducing pollutant discharges into the James River, starting with wastewater, stormwater, and the combined sewer system.

2019 Storm Drain Art in Scott's Addition by Nicole Gomez

2020 Storm Drain Art Project Coming Soon!

Richmond Storm Drain Art

Pine Camp Creek is suffering from severely degraded and unsafe stream banks. Since the stream corridor borders Pine Camp Arts and Community Center, playgrounds, schools, Henderson Softball Complex, and the Northside Dog Park, it is often used for recreation and education. This project seeks to ensure a safe and stable environment that prevents future erosion, and provide a healthier habitat for wildlife, native vegetation, and the community.

Pine Camp Creek
Surveyor in Pine Camp Creek

Featured Project:
Pine Camp Restoration

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Combined Sewer Overflow Percent Captures

Here's how we're improving Richmond's water quality.





2020 Upgrade



Restoring the James has led to immense positive impacts for ... the Commonwealth, and we intend to continue this upward trajectory and finish the job.

Ralph S. Northam

Governor of Virginia

These five new green spaces (two in the Ninth Council District and three in the Eighth) help to close the gap on the number of Richmonders who don't have access to a park within a 10-minute walk. Neighborhood input will drive how each new space is designed to serve its community.

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Mayor Stoney announces five new green spaces in Southside. The 36-acre commitment aims to make parks access more equitable in our city, focusing on the communities that have the longest walks to parks currently. Read more:

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